Policymaking Process

Featured in Statehouse Report

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lindsay Street, a reporter from the Statehouse Report here in South Carolina, about my book. Here is the full article

The Climate Solutions Caucus in the 116th Congress

Ideology of Climate Solutions Caucus Members: 115th Congress The Climate Solutions Caucus has returned in the House of Representatives for the 116th Congress. As originally conceived, the “Noah’s Ark” caucus only allowed new members to join in bipartisan pairs, one Democrat and one Republican. The caucus grew to 90 members, 45 Democrats and 45 Republicans in the 115th Congress. As I show in my book, the Republican members tended to be more moderate than their co-partisans in the House.

Environmental Policymaking Book

It’s here! For more information see the Taylor & Francis website. It can be ordered from Routledge, where you can also request an exam copy, and from Amazon. Finally, you can see a preview through Google Books.

Environmental Policymaking in an Era of Climate Change

As the world considers how to deal with the impacts of a changing climate, it’s vital that we understand the ways in which the United States’ policymaking process addresses environmental issues. A mix of existing theory and original analysis, …

Cultural Theory and Managerial Values: Examining Trust as a Motivation for Collaboration

Public administration theorists have long argued that values of administrative actors fundamentally shape the quality and nature of the public services they provide. While there has been some work in recent years to measure values in the public …

Modeling Issue Definitions Using Quantitative Text Analysis

Issue definitions, the way policy issues are understood, are an important component for understanding the policymaking process. Research on issue definitions has been divided between a macro level that examines collective issue definitions and a …

Policy Change, Policy Feedback, and Interest Mobilization: The Politics of Nuclear Waste Management

Many of the leading theories of the policy process are aimed at providing insights into the factors that make policy change more (or less) likely. In general, policy change is seen as a result of shifting dynamics within policy subsystems. However, …

Theories of the Policy Process: State of the Research and Emerging Trends

Over the last two decades many alternate theories of the policy process have been developed. This essay covers recent scholarship (from 2008 to 2010) regarding the major policy process theories. In addition, several recent trends in research are …

The Implementation of the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative to Individuals Receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative (OMI) is the first large scale program in the country to promote marriage. One of the main audiences for marriage promotion is low-income families. This study provides the historical context and back- ground of how …

Policymaking Process

The policymaking process involves multiple actors making decisions across multiple institutions as well as multiple levels of government. As a result, the process is inherently complex. To better understand this complex process, scholars have developed multiple theories that address varying aspects of the policymaking process. In my work, I draw on several policy process theories to better understand policymaking when issues are scientifically and technically complex as well as politically divisive.